Labortopia Providers FAQs

What is

Labortopia is a destination allowing small business owners and freelancers alike to showcase their services and capture new customers. The goal is to build a community of people that will be able to provide diverse services to those seeking anyone from a plumber to a babysitter.

How do I start using Labortopia?

Say you want to search for a service provider listed on labortopia. With our easy to use search bar you will be able to search for a provider in seconds. All you have to do is type the profession you are looking for! For example, you would enter plumber and after typing plumber, you click the area you are closest to.

Why should I use Labortopia over other sites?

Our services are free for both seeker and providers other service site will charge fee to provider we don't. Labortopia is the samples easy to use straight forward site out there. No mobo jumbo straight to the point.

Is Labortopia safe?

The staff of Labortopia strives to protect your privacy, your client's privacy, and of course the privacy of your company. Implementations of a In-Site Mailbox ensure that a customer will only be able to reach you on your own terms until you have reached a comfort level to bring it further!

Who is labortopia meant for?

Labortopia is for everyone that has skill in any field. We cater to anyone looking for services locally in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, be it a plumber, babysitter, photographer, or tutor!

Where can I use labortopia?

Currently Labortopia is only available in the Massachusetts area. Over time Labortopia will be expanding it's horizons across the U.S!

Labortopia profile's FAQ's

Where can i control the privacy on my profile?

All of the privacy settings for any person's profile can be found in the 'Profile Settings' section of Labortopia. This link can be found on the upper right corner of the screen on most pages of the site, alongside 'Edit Profile' and 'Logout'.

Privacy options include the showing/hiding of your companies phone number, name, email and last time you had checked on the site.

What is the profile for?

It is the way you market yourself to other seekers that are looking for your services. Please take your time creating your personal service profile. Set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.

General Labortopia questions

How does Labortopia make money?

There are two answers to this question. Labortopia strives to become to best service provider by offering a free service to any members that wish to join the site. On the other hand, the staff of Labortopia plans to roll out an optional Premium service which will offer additional features, and more exposure for companies looking to bring in those extra few customers.

What browsers do Labortopia support?

Labortopia has been tested with all major browsers; IE 7, Mozilla Firefox (2 and 3), Safari and the new Google Chrome.

Please if you encounter any issues using Labortopia, please Contact Us and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Labortopia Seeker FAQs

What is a Seeker?

Seeker can be termed as any customer, guest, or person who is looking, or, 'seeking' for establishments, businesses, or services that you, the 'Provider' can offer.

Hows does Labortopia help seekers find services and providers?

Labortopia helps spread the word of your companies experience by giving an easy to use interface that includes reviews and ratings submitted by the public. Not only do we act as a free advertisement for your company, we also provide an equally easy to use communication interface between your company, and your customers.

Does it cost anything to use Labortopia?

This is the best part! Labortopia is completely free! Not only is it an easy to use site, but we know the companies real concern is keeping a profit. Why use other sites that will charge you hundreds of dollars to do what we offer for free? In the future Labortopia will be rolling out an optional premium service that will offer extended features and enhanced capability within the site.

Labortopia massaging FAQs

How do you send massage to a provider?

Sending a message within Labortopia is easy! When searching for a Provider just simply press the Contact link beside the Provider's name and it will bring you to a new page asking you to enter your Name, Return Email, and message you would like sent.

How will i be notified when i receive an massage from a seeker or provider?

At the top of the webpage your Inbox notifier will change from the default "(0)", to a now recognizably different "(1)" in bold. You can just click on that Inbox and it will bring you to your latest messages! Simple as that.

How Do i reply to a massage?

When any seeker sends a message to a provider, they must enter in a return email address. To reply to a seeker, simply send them an email and get in contact with them, establishing that link between Provider and Seeker.

How do i delete a massage?

From any of the pages where your Inbox link is available, click on it and go to your message inbox. This will bring up a list of your read, and unread messages. To delete any of your received mail, just simply click the Delete option on the bottom-right hand side of the message.

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